Training in-class

Nine Alpha Vietnam understands that every client has unique training needs and hence offers multiple training and consulting options tailored to meet its client’s specific objectives. At times, training needs to be integrated into individual and corporate learning. Sometimes, this is as simple as integrating client project templates into the course participant materials and project scenario. Along with our professional instruction design consultants, our project management specialists can develop the right training solution for your environment.

  1. Project Management Concepts
  2. Organizational Influences
  3. Five Project Management Process Groups
  4. Project Integration Management
  5. Project Scope Management
  6. Project Time Management
  7. Project Cost Management
  8. Project Quality Management
  9. Project Human Resource Management
  10. Project Communication Management
  11. Project Risk Management
  12. Project Procurement Management
  13. Project Stakeholder Management



Mr. Nguyen Dinh Long

Performance Coaching

After the training course, Nine Alpha offers a package of practical training for trainees who have participated in the training. Our experienced coaches will partner with you in one project to help apply leanings from formal education to practical projects. You can benefit from our seasoned experience, knowledge, enthusiasm, and collaborative attitude. Our coaches are chosen very carefully for their abilities to help the individual being mentored expand and improve his or her skills – they provide guidance, make suggestions, motivate, and assist in problem solving.


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